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[[abstract]]This paper mainly treats with the state estimator design of non-linear stochastic systems with state dependent noise. The state and measurement are cormpted by internal noise and exogenous disturbance, ' the exogenous disturbance in system equation is allowed to be stochastic uncertain. Some sufficient conditions on stochastic H-infinity and mixed H-2/H-ifinity filter design are given in linear matrix inequalities(LM1s).
[[abstract]]To integrate GPRS and WLANs, we proposed a GPRS-WLAN Mobility Gateway (GWMG) which resides on the border of GPRS and WLAN systems. The design goal is to minimize the modifications in GPRS and WLANs as that both systems are widely available in the markets already. By deploying the GWMG, users can seamlessly roam between two systems. This paper presents the analytical models to quantify the performance of the design. Handoff latency and buffer size on GWMG are analyzed. The results show that the GWMG could achieve the design goal to effectively integrate GPRS and WLANs. © 2004 IEEE.
[[abstract]]In this paper, we proposed an energy conserving routing protocol in mobile ad hoc network. The goal of our protocol is to reduce power consumption in transmission and hence to increase the lifetime of the whole network. To achieve energy conservation, the transmission power is controlled to the minimum level that packets can be correctly received. To find a proper route, we take into account both the transmission power and the remaining energy of the mobile hosts along the path. We also proposed a route caching strategy to increase the cache efficiency. Simulation results show that our protocol can conserve 10% to 20% more energy than dynamic source routing does. Also, our protocol also have not only longer network lifetime but also lower standard deviation on remaining energy among hosts.
[[abstract]]This paper presents the design and analysis of GPRS-WLAN Mobility Gateway (GWMG) for the integration of GPRS and wireless LANs (WLANs). The proposed architecture leverages Mobile IP as the mobility management protocol over WLANs. The interworking between GPRS and WLANs is achieved by the GWMG which resides on the border of GPRS and WLAN systems. The design goal is to minimize the modifications in GPRS and WLANs as that both systems are widely available in the markets already. By deploying the GWMG, users can seamlessly roam among two systems. Both mathematical analysis and simulation are developed to analyze the performance. The proposed GWMG has also been implemented in a commercial GPRS system. The results show that the GWMG could achieve the design goal to effectively integrate GPRS and WLANs. © 2005 IEEE.
Many large genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have identified common blood pressure (BP) variants. However, most of the identified BP variants do not overlap with the linkage evidence observed from family studies. We thus hypothesize that multiple rare variants contribute to the observed linkage evidence. We performed linkage analysis using 517 individuals in 130 European families from the Cleveland Family Study (CFS) who have been genotyped on the Illumina OmniExpress Exome array. The largest linkage peak was observed on chromosome 16p13 (MLOD = 2.81) for systolic blood pressure (SBP). Follow-up conditional linkage and association analyses in the linkage region identified multiple rare, coding variants in RBFOX1 associated with reduced SBP. In a 17-member CFS family, carriers of the missense variant rs149974858 are normotens...
[[abstract]]The transition from reverse-saturable absorption to saturable absorption of the chloroaluminum pthalocyanine solution excited by a giant laser pulse was discussed. It was found that the transition was ascribed not just to the saturation of excited state absorption but also to the outward migration of the solute molecules at the laser beam center. It was observed that while the saturation of excited state absorption occurred within a single picosecond laser pulse, the beam center population decrease was sustained much longer than the pulse duration. Analysis shows that the two mechanisms were distinguished with the Z-scan technique utilizing picosecond pulses with pulse-to-pulse separations ranging from 0.1 to 5.0 s.
Purpose To report the intraocular pressure (IOP) and its association with myopia and other factors in 7 and 12-year-old Chinese children. Methods All children participating in the Anyang Childhood Eye Study underwent non-contact tonometry as well as measurement of central corneal thickness (CCT), axial length, cycloplegic auto-refraction, blood pressure, height and weight. A questionnaire was used to collect other relevant information. Univariable and multivariable analysis were performed to determine the associations of IOP. Results A total of 2760 7-year-old children (95.4%) and 2198 12-year-old children (97.0%) were included. The mean IOP was 13.5±3.1 mmHg in the younger cohort and 15.8±3.5 mmHg in older children (P
[[abstract]]Fuzzy reasoning processors have been employed in many commercial and industrial applications. A high-performance pipelined, single-instruction-stream, and single-data-stream architecture of fuzzy reasoning engine has been designed. Based on this architecture, the proposed VLSI processor for embedded real-time fuzzy logic applications was fabricated in a 0.8-mm CMOS technology. Its computation power can reach 2.5 Million Fuzzy Logic Inferences Per Second (MFLIPS) at a system clock of 20 MHz. In order to efficiently realize fuzzy applications, a software development system under Microsoft Windows has also been designed. For the purpose of showing its effectiveness, we have carried out the experiments to successfully control the crane system. Experimental results have shown the efficient cooperative control of the proposed fuz...
[[tableofcontents]]Table of Content 1 Introduction 7 2 Literature Review 9 3 The effects of the global financial crisis in Latin American countries's economic performance 11 3.1 Argentina 11 3.2 Brazil 11 3.3 Chile 12 3.4 Colombia 13 3.5 Mexico 13 3.6 Peru ...
[[tableofcontents]]1. Introduction 1 1.1. Motivation 1 1.2. Purpose and Structure 5 2. Literature Review 6 3. Methodology and Data 9 3.1. Data Descriptions 9 3.2. Research Design 15 3.3. Data Processing Analysis 18 4. Empirical Evidence and Analysis 23 4.1. Straddle Strategy 23 4.2. Strangle Strategy 27 4.3. Comparing Straddle with Strangle Strategies 31 4.4. Early Offset Condition for ATM Straddle 32 4.5. Early Offset Condition for Strangles 34 5. Conclusions 36 5.1. Research Findings 36 5.2. Further Research 38 References 39 Appendices 41
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