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[[abstract]]An insertion sequence, ISLC3, of 1351 bp has been isolated from Lactobacillus casei. Formation of IS circles containing a 3 bp spacer (complete junction) or deletion of 25 bp at the left inverted repeat (IRL) between the abutted IS ends of the ISLC3 junction region (deleted junction) was also discovered in the lactobacilli and Escherichia coli system studied. We found that the promoter formed by the complete junction P-jun was more active than that formed by the 25 bp deleted junction P-djun or the indigenous promoter P-IRL. The corresponding transcription start sites for both promoter P-jun and P-IRL as well as P-djun were subsequently determined using a primer extension assay. The activity of transposase OrfAB of ISLC3 was also assayed using an in vitro system. It was found that this transposase preferred to cleave a sing...
[[abstract]]To accurately detect minute amounts of substances without disturbing the surroundings of target molecules has been a major goal in bioanalytical technology. Here by integrating an optoelectronic terahertz (THz) microsource into a glass-substrated microchi
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