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We study the iteration of a quadratic family in the algebra of 2 × 2 real matrices, parameterized by a matrix C. We analyze and classify the existing cycles (periodic orbits) and their dependence on the parameter matrix. We discuss how new dynamical phenomena occur as a consequence of the noncommutativity of the matrix product. In particular, we show that the commutator of the initial condition with parameter matrix C has a decisive role in the overall dynamics.
An optimal trajectory planning problem for a single-link, flexible joint manipulator is studied. A global feedback-linearization is first applied to formulate the nonlinear inequality-constrained optimization problem in a suitable way. Then, an exact and explicit structural formula for the optimal solution of the problem is derived and the solution is shown to be unique. It turns out that the optimal trajectory planning and control can be done off-line, so that the proposed method is applicable to both theoretical analysis and real time tele-robotics control engineering.
Comment: 14 pages, 0 figures, 6 referecnes
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