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[[abstract]]©2007 Elsevier - Dioxin-responsive element-mediated chemical activated luciferase expression (DRE-CALUX) is one of alternative bioassays for the determination of dioxin levels. We have previously established a DRE-CALUX cell line, Huh7-DRE-Luc, by using stable transfection of Huh-7 cells with a reporter plasmid (4xDRE-TATA-Luc) carrying a DRE-driven firefly luciferase gene. It was also shown that arecoline, a major areca nut alkaloid, inhibited the 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD)-induced cytochrome P450 1A1 (CYP1A1) activation in Huh-7 cells. The TCDD-activated aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) induces the DRE-CALUX activation and CYP1A1 gene expression via binding to DRE in promoter regions of these dioxin-responsive genes. In the present study, the effect of arecoline on the TCDD-induced activation of DRE-CALUX a...
Our goal was to determine dioxin levels in 800 soil samples collected from Taiwan. An in vitro DR-CALUX® assay was carried out with the help of an automated Soxhlet system and fast cleanup column. The mean dioxin level of 800 soil samples was 36.0 pg-bioanalytical equivalents (BEQs)/g dry weight (d.w.). Soil dioxin-BEQs were higher in northern Taiwan (61.8 pg-BEQ/g d.w.) than in central, southern, and eastern Taiwan (22.2, 24.9, and 7.80 pg-BEQ/g d.w., respectively). Analysis of multiple linear regression models identified four major predictors of dioxin-BEQs including soil sampling location (β = 0.097, p < 0.001), land use (β = 0.065, p < 0.001), soil brightness (β = 0.170, p < 0.001), and soil moisture (β = 0.051, p = 0.020), with adjusted R2 = 0.947 (p < 0.001) (n = 662). An univariate logistic regression analysis with the cut-off p...
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