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Comment: 9 pages,8 figures. Paper presented at the SPIE conference in San Diego, August 2011, on "Optics for EUV, X-ray, and Gamma-Ray Astronomy". To be published in the Proceedings of SPIE, vol. 8147, 2011
Comment: 6 pages, 12 figures, accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science
The NA62 GigaTracker is a low mass time tagging hybrid pixel detector operating in a beam with a particle rate of 750 MHz. It consists of three stations with a sensor size of 60 x 27mm(2) containing 18000 pixels, each 300 x 300 mu m(2). The active area is connected to a matrix of 2 x 5 pixel ASICs, which time tag the arrival of the particles with a binning of 100 ps. The detector operates in vacuum at -20 to 0 degrees C and the material budget per station must be below 0.5% X-0. Due to the high radiation environment of 2 x 10(14) 1 MeV neutron equivalent cm(-2)/yr(-1) it is planned to exchange the detector modules regularly. The low material budget, cooling requirements and the request for easy module access has driven the electro-mechanical integration of the GigaTracker, which is presented in this paper.
The Gigatracker is a hybrid silicon pixel detector developed to track the highly intense NA62 hadron beam with a time resolution of 150 ps (rms). The beam spectrometer of the experiment is composed of three Gigatracker stations installed in vacuum in order to precisely measure momentum, time and direction of every traversing particle. Precise tracking demands a very low mass of the detector assembly (o0:5% X0 per station) in order to limit multiple scattering and beam hadronic interactions. The high rate and especially the high timing precision requirements are very demanding: two R&D options are ongoing and the corresponding prototype read-out chips have been recently designed and produced in 0:13 mm CMOS technology. One solution makes use of a constant fraction discriminator and on-pixel analogue-based time-to-digital-converter (TDC)...
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