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#Psammomernis sericesthidis$ n. sp. est un parasitoïde des larves des scarabés, #Sericesthis geminata$ Boisduval, #S. nigrolineata$ (Boisduval) (#Melolonthinae$), #Dasygnathus$ sp., #Anoplognathus$ sp. (#Rutelinae$), #Heteronyx$ sp. and #Anomalomorpha$ sp. (#Dynastinae$) dans la région des plateaux du sud-est australien. #P. sericesthidis$ n. sp. se distingue de toutes les espèces décrites dans le genre - sauf #P. aricephala$ Ipatjeva et Pimenova, 1985 - par la présence d'un seul ergot hypodermique céphalique. #P. sericesthidis$ n. sp. diffère de #P. aricephala$ par la forme de la tête, la taille et la position des amphides, et la taille beaucoup plus grande du corps. (Résumé d'auteur)
Laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) was used to measure distributions of the siderophile elements P, V. Cr, Fe, Co, Ni, Mo, Ru, Rh, Pd, W, Re, Os, Ir, and Pt in metal grains in the metal-rich chondrite QUE94411 with a spatial resolution of similar to 30 mum. The platinum group elements (PGEs), except Pd, exhibit radial zoning in these grains that mimics that previously observed in Ni and Co; the concentrations of these elements decreases from the cores to the rims of the grains. The PGE distributions support a condensation origin for the enhanced refractory element abundances in the zoned grains; the lack of zoning in Pd refutes an origin by a redox-controlled process, and none of the PGE-Ni relationships support an origin by fractional crystallization from a metallic melt. Several models of grain fo...
OBJECTIVE: To assess the incremental costs and cost effectiveness of implementing a home based muscle strengthening and balance retraining programme that reduced falls and injuries in older women. DESIGN: An economic evaluation carried out within a randomised controlled trial with two years of follow up. Participants were individually prescribed an exercise programme (exercise group, n=116) or received usual care and social visits (control group, n=117). SETTING: 17 general practices in Dunedin, New Zealand. PARTICIPANTS: Women aged 80 years and older living in the community and invited by their general practitioner to take part. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Number of falls and injuries related to falls, costs of implementing the intervention, healthcare service costs resulting from falls and total healthcare service costs during the trial. ...
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