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Recent results obtained in jet physics in the H1 and ZEUS experiments at HERA are reviewed, including both photoproduction and deep inelastic scattering processes.
Recent results in the production of heavy quark flavours in the H1 and ZEUS experiments at HERA are reviewed, and compared with the predictions of theory.
At the HERA collider at DESY, high energy electron and positron beams interact with proton beams. A review is presented of the variety of ways in which these collisions produce final states containing charm and beauty quarks.
An overview is given of the ongoing measurement at HERA of the parton structure of the photon, as a function of its virtuality. Preliminary ZEUS results show disagreement with an NLO QCD calculation.
Exclusive production of and mesons in ep collisions has been studied with the ZEUS detector in the kinematic range GeV, GeV for the data and GeV, GeV for the data. Cross sections for exclusive and production have been measured as a function of , W and t. The spin-density matrix elements , and Re have been determined for exclusive production as well as and for exclusive production. The results are discussed in the context of theoretical models invoking soft and hard phenomena.
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