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Only three weeks after the beginning of commissioning, the new ultrabright synchrotron source ELETTRA was able to deliver the first experimental test data. We briefly discuss these test experiments, which produced a series of photoelectron micrographs of different specimens. This success concludes, to the best of our knowledge, the most rapid first phase of commissioning ever of a synchrotron radiation source.
Recent activities related to the FERMI project are presented, concentrating on the re-designed beam transport optics including an assessment of second-order effects. Recent improvements to the linac are described and some details about the implementation of the FEL and its optical systems are also presented.
We describe the machine layout and major performance parameters for the FERMI FEL project funded for construction at Sincrotrone Trieste, Italy, within the next five years. The project will be the first user facility based on seeded harmonic cascade FELs, providing controlled, high peak-power pulses. With a high-brightness rf photocathode gun, and using the existing 1.2 GeV S-band linac, the facility will provide tunable output over a range from ~;100 nm to ~;10 nm, with pulse duration from 40 fs to ~; 1 ps, peak power ~;GW, and with fully variable output polarization. Initially, two FEL cascades are planned; a single-stage harmonic generation to operate > 40 nm, and a two stage cascade operating from ~;40 nm to ~;10 nm or shorter wavelength. The output is spatially and temporally coherent, with peak power in the GW range. Las...
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