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At present, companies engaged in exporting tropical fruits in Ecuador do not have a tool to track orders requested by customers; this is the reason why the TradeLog System, version 1.0 has been developed as a decision-making support system oriented to control activities related to foreign trade logistics, allowing companies to offer to their customers information about the different stages in which an order could be at. These stages are: order registration, production, seaport transfer, shipping and navigation. This solution aims to strengthen trade relationships between companies and their customers, by keeping them informed at any given time about incidents that could occur during the exporting process, as well as transit ports, final destinations and estimated time of arrival. Customers can track the order through the company's Web ...
First, this paper reviews the most important literature based on money VAR, which explains monetarytransmission mechanisms and pass-through from depreciation to inflation in Chile and other countries. Second, it estimates three structural VAR models with short-run restrictions and one VEC with long-run restrictions. The results indicate that monetary-transmission has become less powerful in the last years than in the period 1986-1997 and that the low pass-through depends on economic activity, inflation and the inflation target.
Comment: 35 pages. Extended version of the camera ready version to appear in Proc. of the Databases Programming Languages Conference (DBPL 05), Springer LNCS volume 3774
Different studies have analyzed monetary transmission in Chile and the effects of monetary policy on aggregate macroeconomic variables. However, valuable information could be obtained in a more specific analysis of the impact of monetary shocks on the components of aggregate activity. Thus, this paper studies the disaggregate effects of monetary policy, distinguishing three different classifications: private spending (consumption and investment), economic sectors, and regional unemployment. The paper finds significant heterogeneous effects in the disaggregate impact (both in size and in length) of monetary shocks. In most cases, these effects are consistent with the theoretical implications of monetary transmission channels.
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