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This thesis investigates the paradoxal situation in which the journalist, a professional told as impartial shows himself, emerges as a kind of a newsable newsmaker, becaming a news object of interest and references in the media. His personal gestures are considered relevant, in some way, interesting. What seems to be paradoxal here is the double image: the one who could not appear, does it anyway. This thesis observes different ways of presence in the media, not only when the subject is the news itself in a strict way. Famous, being himself the news, the journalist is observed in his different social positions. He conquers credibility as his circuits of interaction (viewers, listeners, readers, internauts) recognize him as a trustful person. In order to understand how the ...
Determination of sex is a key aspect in the study of past populations. Bias in skeletal sexing is well known, however, and depends upon the completeness of the skeletal remains and the representativeness of reference samples. In order to correct these difficulties, the authors propose practical adjustments to Van Vark's well-known procedure. Two fundamental aspects are considered to reduce the bias of sex allocation. First, we propose to increase the effectiveness of sexing during the first step (primary diagnosis only from the pelvic bone). Second, to improve the final step (secondary diagnosis from the extra-pelvic skeleton), we consider posterior probabilities as essential. These two practical adjustments are successfully tested in a sample of known sex and lead to a classification with 94.5% accuracy. These results significantly im...
The deep development that has occurred in the last times to the level of the technologies of the information and communication was materialized in a true revolution of infrastructures, services and applications spread out by all the societies and seats on hiper sector of the information and that affect all the states, regions and citizens. The conscientious European Commission of this reality has become committed itself in the development of the Information Society in agreement clear on diverse elaborated documents and the launching of projects pilot. The development of the Information and Communication Technologies affects the everyday facilitating the fast access to the information that allows to face new challenges and to approximate the most isolated regions. But not all the regions are prepared to announce actively the Information...
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