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Comment: 27 pages, 13 figures, submitted to IEEE Trans. Electron. Dev., corrected typos, conclusions clarified, less meaningful figures suppressed
Comment: 31 pages, 13 figures, revised version: discussions and references added, to be published in IEEE Trans. Electron. Devices
In this paper we compare advanced modeling approaches for the determination of the drain current in nanoscale MOSFETs. Transport models range from drift–diffusion to direct solutions of the Boltzmann-Transport-Equation with the Monte-Carlo method. Template devices representative of 22 nm Double-Gate and 32 nm Single-Gate Fully-Depleted Silicon-On-Insulator transistors were used as a common benchmark to highlight the differences between the quantitative predictions of different approaches. Using the standard scattering and mobility models for unstrained silicon channels and pure SiO2 dielectrics, the predictions of the different approaches for the 32 nm template are quite similar. Simulations of the 22 nm device instead, are much less consistent, particularly those achieved with MC simulators. Comparison with experimental data for a ...
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