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Bernardino de Laredo (1482–1540, Seville) is known today only through his texts: two pharmaceutical works and one of the first mystical treatises composed in Castilian, the Subida del Monte Sión (1535, revised 1538). Although surpassed in reputation by his most famous reader, Teresa of Avila, Laredo's treatise was a founding text in the Castilian genre of recollection mysticism (recogimiento). I argue that he drew on medieval spiritual trends as found in moral treatises, Lives of Christ, and tripartite contemplative ways in order to synthesize a unique cataphatic route to union with a God located in the interior of the soul. I place Laredo in his context of reform Franciscanism, scholastic medicine, Sevillan confraternal devotion, and provide new evidence that he moved in a converso social circle. I posit that this historical framewor...
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