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The article develops a powerful theoretical tool to obtain the full counting statistics. By a slight extension of the standard Keldysh method we can access immediately all correlation functions of the current operator. Embedded in a quantum generalization of the circuit theory of electronic transport, we are able to study the full counting statistics of a large class of two-terminal contacts and multi-terminal structures, containing superconductors and normal metals as elements. The practical use of the method is demonstrated in many examples.
Comment: 20 pages, proceedings of Summer School/Conference on Functional Nanostructures, Karlsruhe (2003)
We examine the full counting statistics of quantum dots, which display super-Poissonian shot noise. By an extension to a generic situation with many excited states we identify the underlying transport process. The statistics is a sum of independent Poissonian processes of bunches of different sizes, which leads to the enhanced noise. The obtained results could be useful to determine transport characteristics in molecules and large quantum dots, since the noise (and higher cumulants) allow to identify the internal level structure, which is not visible in the average current.
Comment: 7 pages, submitted to Europhys. Lett
Comment: 4 pages, 3 figures
We investigate current fluctuations in a three-terminal quantum dot in the sequential tunneling regime. Dynamical spin blockade can be induced when the spin-degeneracy of the dot states is lifted by a magnetic field. This results in super-Poissonian shot noise and positive zero-frequency cross-correlations. Our proposed setup can be realized with semiconductor quantum dots.
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