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Comment: 20 pages, 28 figures; "Colloquium" for Reviews of Modern Physics
Comment: 19 pages, 17 figures; review written for the "The Oxford Handbook of Random Matrix Theory"; version 2: new section (III.A), new figure (3)
Comment: 15 pages; 13 figures; version 2: experimental update
Comment: 18 pages including 8 figures; minor corrections
Comment: 24 pages, 23 figures; review of published work with one new result: the critical temperature beyond which the entanglement vanishes; final version -- new sections I.B, VI, X
Comment: 6 pages, REVTeX-3.0, INLO-PUB-931006
Comment: 7 pages, REVTeX-3.0, INLO-PUB-931028b
Comment: 9 pages, LATEX, INLO-PUB-940309a
Comment: 38 pages, 17 figures (included in version 2)
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