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Digital preservation is a scientific area considered critical by information professionals. The growing complexity of digital objects as well as the fast technological obsolescency induces issues that comprehend so much the preservation of operational electronic records within an organization as the likely vanishement of digital heritage. Several projects have been developed to provide answers to these problems. The Portuguese National Archives (IAN/TT) have been following the efforts in this field, and is now preparing a project that may eventually launch the basis of a future organizational structure capable of ingesting, managing and accessioning public sector electronic records.
Dissertação apresentada para obtenção do grau de Mestre em Gestão de Informação, na Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto, sob a orientação do Professor António Lucas Soares
The National Archive of Portugal (IAN/TT) doesn't currently have the needed infrastructures to support the processes of ingestion and management of digital objects produced by the public administration (PA). The eGovernment initiatives establish the need of information and communication technologies support, to improve the efficiency, productivity and quality of their public services. In this scenario, it is clear that the number of digital objects produced by these institutions will grow, and that their legal value and authenticity should be assured. Furthermore, these digital objects will be the testimony of public organizations activity and will constitute the Portuguese social and patrimonial memory. On that account, the IAN/TT should undertake the endeavor of developing processes, tools and resources capable of answering the nee...
Um Arquivo Digital é uma estrutura que compreende tecnologia, recursos humanos e um conjunto de políticas para incorporar, gerir e acessibilizar, numa perspectiva continuada, objectos digitais de natureza arquivística. A informação de arquivo distingue-se de qualquer outra pelo facto de ser produzida com o propósito primário de constituir prova de uma actividade organizacional. Por esse facto a sua estabilidade e perenidade têm que ser asseguradas de forma a garantir as suas propriedades básicas ao longo do tempo: integridade, fiabilidade e autenticidade. Tudo isto é complicado pelo facto de o objecto digital ser extremamente volátil. Dependente de um sistema intermediário (software e hardware) integrado numa indústria altamente competitiva e evolutiva, observam-se prazos de retrocompatibilidade assegurados pelas empresas desenvolvedor...
In 2006 the Portuguese National Archives (Directorate General of the Portuguese Archives) engaged in the development of an OAIS compatible digital repository system for long-term preservation of digital material. Simultaneously, at the University of Minho a project called CRiB was being devised which aimed at the development of a wholesome set of services to aid digital preservation. Among those services were format converters, quality-assessment tools, preservation planning and automatic metadata production for retaining representations’ authenticity. This paper provides a detailed description of both projects and discusses how these may be integrated into a complete digital preservation solution based on currently available archiving and preservation standards, e.g. OAIS, EAD, PREMIS, METS and ANSI/NISO Z39.87.
In mid 2006, the Portuguese National Archives (Directorate-General of the Portuguese Archives) launched a project called RODA (Repository of Authentic Digital Objects) aiming at identifying and bringing together all the necessary technology, human resources and political support to carry out long-term preservation of digital materials being produced by the Portuguese public administration. As part of the original goals of RODA was the development of a digital repository capable of ingesting, managing and providing access to the various types of digital objects produced by national public institutions. The development of such repository should be supported by open-source technologies and, as much as possible, be based on existing standards such as the OAIS [1], METS [2, 3], EAD [4] and PREMIS [5]. Since RODA is nearly finished, this c...
A mitjan 2006, els Arxius Nacionals Portuguesos (Direcció General d’Arxius Por- tuguesos) van endegar un projecte anomenat RODA (Repository of Authentic Digital Objects) amb l’objectiu d’identificar i reunir la tecnologia, els recursos humans i el suport polític necessaris per preservar a llarg termini els materials digitals generats per l’Administració pública portuguesa.
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