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With an integrated luminosity goal larger than 75 ab^-1, the SuperB factory, to be built on the Tor Vergata Campus near Roma (Italy) by 2016, has the very ambitious goal to unravel the detailed structure of the new physics soon to be discovered at the LHC, or to explore BSM physics beyond the LHC reach if nothing is found there. This goal will be reached using a large number of rare B, charm and tau decays, very sensitive to the presence of new heavy particles via virtual loops. The physics prospects of this ultra-high luminosity e^+e^- collider will be presented in detail as well as the very innovative concepts guiding the machine and detector designs. The important advantages brought by the specific assets of the SuperB project, namely beam polarization and capability to run at the charm threshold with a significant boost, will be pr...
The SuperB experiment is a next generation Super Flavour Factory expected to accumulate 75ab^-1 of data at the Y(4S) in five years of nominal running. In addition to running data at the Y(4S), SuperB will be able to accumulate data from the psi(3770) up to the Y(6S). A polarized electron beam enables unique physics opportunities at SuperB. We discuss the detector design for this new facility.
Charged particle identification (PID) is a key input for the physics program of the SuperB experiment. In the barrel region, the main detector for K/$\pi$ separation will be the 'Focusing Detector of Internally Reflected Cherenkov light' (FDIRC), the successor of the successful BaBar DIRC, which camera has been completely re-designed. In addition, R&D is ongoing to add a detector on the forward side of SuperB to extend the PID coverage. This innovative time-of-flight detector will use new electronics accurate at the 10-ps level.
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