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Comment: appearing, Living Reviews in Relativity
With the question, ``Can relativistic charged spheres form extremal black holes?" in mind, we investigate the properties of such spheres from a classical point of view. The investigation is carried out numerically by integrating the Oppenheimer-Volkov equation for relativistic charged fluid spheres and finding interior Reissner-Nordstr\"om solutions for these objects. We consider both constant density and adiabatic equations of state, as well as several possible charge distributions, and examine stability by both a normal mode and an energy analysis. In all cases, the stability limit for these spheres lies between the extremal ($Q = M$) limit and the black hole limit ($R = R_+$). That is, we find that charged spheres undergo gravitational collapse before they reach $Q = M$, suggesting that extremal Reissner-Nordtr\"om black holes pro...
Comment: 20 pages. To appear in Physical Review D
Comment: 30 pages, 11 figures, revised to match accepted version, to appear in ApJS (scheduled 02/2003)
Comment: 51 pages, 34 figures (color figures reduced for this archive), this version accepted to ApJ
Comment: 24 pages, 8 BW figures, 6 color figures; Accepted for publication in Phys. Rev. D
Comment: 20 pages, LaTeX, 5 figures and 2 color plates available upon request. Submitted to ApJ. Replaced with single spaced version with corrected line lengths and necessary macro
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