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We have built and operated a novel setup for the characterization and identification of gases or vapors based on sequential position readout via a beam-deflection technique from a microfabricated array of eight cantilever-type sensors. Each of the cantilevers can be coated on one side with a different sensor material to detect specific chemical interactions. We demonstrate that disturbances from vibrations and turbulent gas flow can be effectively removed in array sensors by taking difference signals with reference cantilevers. For example, H2 can be detected by its adsorption on a Pt-coated sensor because a change in surface stress causes a static bending of the sensor. The diffusion of various alcohols into polymethylmethacrylate induces resonance frequency shifts in a dynamicmeasuring mode and bending in the static mode, which allow...
This report describes the present status of the detector design for SuperB. It is one of four separate progress reports that, taken collectively, describe progress made on the SuperB Project since the publication of the SuperB Conceptual Design Report in 2007 and the Proceedings of SuperB Workshop VI in Valencia in 2008. The other three reports relate to Physics, Accelerator and Computing.
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