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An overview is presented of current understanding and recent approaches and issues in studies of the single-particle electron spectra of heavy-fermion materials, with emphasis on uranium compounds.
Comment: 28 pages, 9 figures, APS Frank Isakson Prize paper
An overview is given of current electron spectroscopy studies of the single-particle electronic structure of strongly correlated systems. Specific topics include (i) the Ce 4f spectrum of CeCu2Si2, (ii) the 5f spectrum of Y1-xUxPd3, and (ii i) the doped metallic state of high-temperature superconductor materials, for which it is argued that in the Luttinger liquid scenario, the Fermi energy of the metal should lie in the parent insulator's gap, as observed experimentally.
Comment: 32 pages, 11 figures, 151 references; paper for special issue of J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. on "Kondo Effect--40 Years after the Discovery"
O, Ne, Si and Fe ionization equilibria in low density plasma, including dielectronic recombination and autoionization processes in calculations
We have fit angle-resolved photoemission spectra of Bi2Sr2BaCu2O8 taken by Olson et al.1 using normal and marginal Fermi liquid self energies. Both theories fit the data equally well provided a sufficiently large inelastic background is included. However, the required backgrounds are, respectively, 60 and 15 times larger than that given by usual background subtraction procedures.
Collisional excitation of autoionizing levels in solar corona
Collisional excitation of autoionizing levels in solar corona
Dependence of threshold field for Gunn oscillations on energy minima separation, noting decrease under uniaxial stress
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