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Signal Corps Contract No. W36-039-sc-32037 Project No. 102B Dept. of the Army Project No. 3-99-10-022
Army Signal Corps Contract No. W36-039-sc-32037 Project No. 102B Dept. of the Army Project No. 3-99-10-022
Army Signal Corps Contract No. W36-039-sc-32037 Project No. 102B Dept. of the Army Project No. 3-99-10-022
Includes bibliographical references (p. 148-150).
This dissertation examines the translation practice of Khalil Baydas (1875-1949), Palestinian writer, translator, and journalist. Baydas translated dozens of novels and short stories from Russian into Arabic. Literary translation made up a large part of Arabic literature published during the nahḍah, the Arab literary renaissance of the 19th century. However, these translations are dismissed because they often drift far from their source texts. This practice, known as al-tarjamah bi-taṣarruf, acknowledges the alterations that the translator makes while translating. Using the translation theory of Lawrence Venuti, this dissertation works to read the space between the translation and the translated text in a new way. Rather than comparing the two texts to measure the fidelity of the translation, this dissertation focuses on the choices th...
Photorealism, a style that transfers photographic imagery and conventions to the medium of painting, is one of the few artforms of the 1960s and 1970s that has yet to receive substantive reevaluation. Contrary to critics??? derogatory dismissals, the style raises issues of production and interpretation central to postwar aesthetics and critical theory. This study argues that Photorealism???s hybrid forms and iconographical dedication to everyday subjects are essential to understanding realism???s post-abstraction re-emergence, new directions in intermedial practice, and the cultural impact of demographic transformations of the American landscape. Taking three Photorealist painters???Robert Bechtle, Richard McLean, and Ralph Goings???from the San Francisco Bay Area as case studies, this dissertation considers how the artists are tied t...
This dissertation examines the role of stage properties-props, slangily-in the construction and expression of characters' identities. Through readings of both canonical and non-canonical drama written between 1600 and 1707-for example, Thomas Middleton's The Revenger's Tragedy (1607), Edward Ravenscroft's adaptation of Titus Andronicus (1678), Aphra Behn's The Rover (1677), and William Wycherley's The Plain Dealer (1677)-I demonstrate how props mediate relationships between people. The control of a character's props often accords a person control of the character to whom the props belong. Props consequently make visual the relationships of power and subjugation that exist among characters. The severed body parts, bodies, miniature portraits, and containers of these plays are the mechanisms by which characters attempt to differentiate t...
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