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Comment: 4 pages, to be published in Physica C (Superconductivity)
We show that a new interference effect appears in the intensity fluctuations of photons multiply scattered by an atomic gas of large optical depth b. This interference occurs only for scattering atoms that are Zeeman degenerate and it leads to a deviation from the Rayleigh law. The fluctuations measured by their variance, display a resonance peak as a function of an applied magnetic field. The resonance width is proportional to the small factor 1/b. We derive closed analytic expressions for all these physical quantities which are directly accessible experimentally.
Comment: 16 pages, LaTeX, 2 figures, to be published in the Proceedings of the Minerva workshop on Mesoscopics, Fractals and Neural Networks, Phil. Mag. (1997)
Comment: RevTex, 17 pages, 3 eps figures
Comment: 36 pages. Lectures delivered at Les Houches, Summer School, Topological aspects of low dimensional systems, July 1998
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