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Comment: Paper presented at the December 2001 Rutgers meeting, celebrating Michael Fisher's 70th birthday
Comment: 11 pages including numerous figures; for Int. J. Mod. Phys. C
Comment: 4 pages including 4 figures; 5 pages in improved version, ref.2 added
The conductance ${\cal G}$ of an Aharonov-Bohm interferometer (ABI), with a strongly correlated quantum dot on one arm, is expressed in terms of the dot Green function, $G_{dd}$, the magnetic flux $\phi$ and the non-interacting parameters of the ABI. We show that one can extract $G_{dd}$ from the observed oscillations of ${\cal G}$ with $\phi$, for both closed and open ABI's. In the latter case, the phase shift $\beta$ deduced from ${\cal G} \approx A+B\cos(\phi+\beta)$ depends strongly on the ABI's parameters, and usually $\beta \ne \pi/2$. These parameters may also reduce the Kondo temperature, eliminating the Kondo behavior.
Comment: Special P G de Gennes memorial issue, JPC
The adiabatic pumped current through an unbiased one dimensional (1D) channel, connected to two 1D leads and subject to surface acoustic waves (SAW), is calculated exactly for non-interacting electrons. For a broad range of the parameters, quantum interference generates a staircase structure of the time-averaged current, similar to experimental observations. This corresponds to integer values (in units of electronic charge) of the charge pumped during each period of the SAW. We also find staircases for higher harmonics. Quantum interference can thus replace Coulomb blockade in explaining the pumped charge quantization, particularly in the SAW experiments.
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