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[[abstract]]In this study, two issues were investigated: 3D game interface and 3D visualexperiences. For the first issue, eight users participated in testing the user experience of“Avatar-the Game”. This evaluation was focused on setting 3D mode and in-gameinterface, which contained usability testing and subjective satisfaction. Moreover, weused the results of testing and heuristic evaluation for improving the main menu andin-game interface design. In addition, we found some issues of 3D content design suchas focal distance and perceived depth.Accordingly, previous issue extended from the evaluation and improved design ofAvatar-the Game provided some view points on visual experiences. Therefore, wefocused on 3D visual experience and perceived depth. Sixteen participants wererecruited in the experiment examining the effects of convergen...
[[tableofcontents]]第一章 緒論 6 第一節 研究動機 6 第二節 研究目的 9 第二章 文獻探討 10 第一節 EIA商品介紹 10 ㄧ、 單資產連結 10 二、 多資產連結 13 第二節 蒙地卡羅模擬法介紹 14 ㄧ、 反向變異法(Antithetic Variates) 17 二、 控制變異法(Control Variates) 17 第三章 研究方法與模型設定 20 第一節 單資產Quanto模型 20 第二節 多資產Quanto模型 24 第四章 數值例子 27 第一節 單資產Quanto EIA 27 第二節 多資產Quanto EIA 32 第五章 結論 73
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