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Simple, inexpensive immunoassays have been developed for rapid detection of pesticide residues in soil and water. An indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for EPTC was developed that may be useful for predicting enhanced carbamothioate herbicide degradation in adapted soils. A modified radioimmunoassay (RIA) procedure was developed to detect antibodies specific for EPTC and establish appropriate antibody dilutions for optimum ELISA sensitivity. Antibodies from a rabbit injected with a butylate-analog protein conjugate were used in the RIA. The RIA detection range was 100 to 1000 ng mL$\sp{-1}$ and EPTC recovery from fortified soil samples was $>$96% when EPTC was extracted with 90:10 (v/v) of acetonitrile:water. An indirect ELISA subsequently was developed with an EPTC detection range of 10-1280 ng mL$\sp{-1}$ in a 1:3 aqu...
This study investigated hospital nurses' perceptions of organizational climate measured by the Revised Nurse Work Index and aggregated to the hospital level in relation to job outcomes. The specific organizational climate features examined were resource adequacy, support for employees, nurse-physician relationship, and management practices; the job outcome variables were job satisfaction, burnout, and intent to leave. A secondary analysis of data from nearly 2,400 nurses across 22 acute-care hospitals known for superior clinical practice environments was conducted. ^ The organizational climate features of resource adequacy, support for employees, and management practices were highly associated with nurse job satisfaction, burnout, and intent to leave. Nurse-physician relations were a significant predictor of job outcomes before and a...
Professor Woody Holton makes two important points in this fine study of rebellion: the elite gentlemen of Virginia did not always lead the Revolution, but were sometimes pushed from below, and the Chesapeake is not New England. Those of us who live and teach below the Mason-Dixon Line are often painfully aware that the general outlines of U.S. history are not the history of our region. As this detailed study of Virginia s path to Revolution makes clear, many of the generalizations about the origins of the American Revolution only hold for the northern colonies. But this work s greatest contribution is its carefully researched and documented argument that race and class mattered in creating a Revolution.
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