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A deep Chandra observation of the X-ray bright group, NGC 5044, shows that the central region of this group has been strongly perturbed by repeated AGN outbursts. These recent AGN outbursts have produced many small X-ray cavities, cool filaments and cold fronts. We find a correlation between the coolest X-ray emitting gas and the morphology of the Ha filaments. The Ha filaments are oriented in the direction of the X-ray cavities, suggesting that the warm gas responsible for the Halpha emission originated near the center of NGC 5044 and was dredged up behind the buoyant, AGN-inflated X-ray cavities. A detailed spectroscopic analysis shows that the central region of NGC 5044 contains spatially varying amounts of multiphase gas. The regions with the most inhomogeneous gas temperature distribution tend to correlate with the extended 235 ...
Comment: 12 pages, 2 tables, 9 figures. Accepted for publication in ApJ. V3: two new figures, improved calculation of intrinsic counts, better organization, added references; main results did not change significantly
Comment: Accepted for publication in ApJ; Version with full-resolution figures available at http://www.slac.stanford.edu/~marusa/Work/bradac_strong_weak_III.pdf
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