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Comment: 11 pages LaTeX, 7 Postscript figures, uses amstex. Presented by S. Jadach at Zeuthen Workshop, April 1996, Rheinsberg, Germany. Correction fixes incorrect preprint number: no change in contents
Comment: 4 pages, 3 figures, 1 table, 1998 Rochester Conference presentation, corrected Ref. 12, improved reference to Ref. 10, corrected Ref. 13
Comment: 10 pages, 2 ps figures, uses sprocl.sty
The Monte Carlo program KoralW version 1.42 is presented. It generates all four-fermion final states with multibranch dedicated Monte Carlo pre-samplers and complete, massive, Born matrix elements. The presamplers cover the entire phase space. Multiphoton bremsstrahlung is implemented in the ISR approximation within the YFS formulation with the O(alpha**3) leading-log matrix element. The anomalous WWV couplings are implemented in CC03 approximation. The standard decay libraries (JETSET, PHOTOS, TAUOLA) are interfaced. The semi-analytical CC03-type code KorWan for differential and total cross-sections is included.
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