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A major source of the noise generated by high bypass ratio aircraft fan engines is the unsteady pressures (forces and moments) acting on the fan blades. These unsteady pressures are the result of the interaction of the blades with the wakes of upstream blade rows, inlet flow distortions, and inlet turbulence. An experimental system was developed which will permit the measurement of the unsteady pressure distributions; a series of experiments were conducted to investigate these effects, and the results are compared with predictions from existing theoretical analyses.
The partial structure factors of classical simple liquid mixtures near phase separation are dicussed. The theory is developed for particles interacting through pair potentials, and is thus appropriate both to insulating fluids, and also to metallic systems if these may be described by an effective ion-ion pair interaction. The motivation arose from consideration of metallic liquid mixtures, in which resistive anomalies have been observed near phase separation. A mean field theory correction appropriate to 3 pair potential for the effects of correlated motions in the reference fluid is studied. The work is cast in terms of functions which are closely related to the direct correlation functions of Ornstein and Zernike. The results are qualitatively in accord with physical expectations. Quantitative agreement with experiment seems to turn...
The world's first full-scale artificial wetland designed to treat both sewage effluent and mine wastewater has been found to continuously remove high levels of pollutants, a recent study concludes. Treating both types of wastewater at the same time proved to be highly beneficial because they contain pollutants which are more easily removed when mixed together.
Ovariole development and termination of diapause in the white pine weevil were studied by dissecting weevils at various intervals throughout the winter. Old-generation adults brought into the laboratory November produced viable eggs within 5 days. New generation adults brought into the laboratory on November 4 produced viable eggs during November. Viable eggs were deposited by other new-generation adults after 10 to 15 day. at room temperature in winter. On each of the 3 collection date studied, new generation adult produced viable eggs without copulating after collection from hibernation indicating that capulation occurs in the fall. There was no evidence of progressive ovariole development throughout the winter. New generation adults which were isolated as soon as they emerged from the shoots and maintained at constant room temperatu...
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Using nonparametric, production-frontier methods, we decompose labor productivity growth into components attributable to technological change (shifts in the world production frontier), technological catch-up (movements toward or away from the frontier), and physical and human capital accumulation (movements along the frontier). We find that (1) technological change is decidedly nonneutral, (2) productivity growth is driven primarily by physical and human capital accumulation, (3) the increased international dispersion of productivity is explained primarily by physical capital accumulation, and (4) international polarization (the shift from a unimodal to a bimodal distribution) is brought about primarily by efficiency changes (technological catch-up). Copyright 2005 by the Economics Department Of The University Of Pennsylvania And Osaka...
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