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We discuss the physics potential and the experimental challenges of an upgraded LHC running at an instantaneous luminosity of 1035 cm-2s-1. The detector R&D needed to operate ATLAS and CMS in a very high radiation environment and the expected detector performance are discussed. A few examples of the increased physics potential are given, ranging from precise measurements within the Standard Model (in particular in the Higgs sector) to the discovery reach for several New Physics processes.
During summer and fall 2004, the response of a full slice of the ATLAS barrel de, tector to different particles was studied in controlled beam. One module of the ATLAS , liquid argon barrel calorimeter – identical to the production modules and read out by the final front-end and back-end electronics – was used for electromagnetic calorimetry. This paper presents and discusses the electron performance of the LAr barrel calorime ter, including linearity, uniformity, and resolution with different amounts of material upstream the calorimeter and energies ranging from 1GeV to 250GeV.
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