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Comment: 89 pages, 32 figures; final version accepted for publication by Reviews of Modern Physics
Using recently published, high-precision pi+pi- cross section data by the BABAR experiment from the analysis of e+e- events with high-energy photon radiation in the initial state, we reevaluate the lowest order hadronic contribution a_mu[had,LO] to the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon. We employ newly developed software featuring improved data interpolation and averaging, more accurate error propagation and systematic validation. With the new data, the discrepancy between the e+e- and tau-based results for the dominant two-pion mode reduces from previously 2.4 sigma to 1.5 sigma in the dispersion integral, though significant local discrepancies in the spectra persist. We obtain for the e+e- based evaluation amu[had,LO] = (695.5 +- 4.1) 10^-10, where the error accounts for all sources. The full Standard Model prediction of a_mu dif...
We reevaluate the hadronic contributions to the muon magnetic anomaly, and to the running of the electromagnetic coupling constant at the Z-boson mass. We include new pi+pi- cross-section data from KLOE, all available multi-hadron data from BABAR, a reestimation of missing low-energy contributions using results on cross sections and process dynamics from BABAR, a reevaluation of all experimental contributions using the software package HVPTools, together with a reanalysis of inter-experiment and inter-channel correlations, and a reevaluation of the continuum contributions from perturbative QCD at four loops. These improvements lead to a decrease in the hadronic contributions with respect to earlier evaluations. For the muon g-2 we find lowest-order hadronic contributions of (692.3 +- 4.2) 10^-10 and (701.5 +- 4.7) 10^-10 for the e+e- b...
A new evaluation of the hadronic vacuum polarization contribution to the muon magnetic moment is presented. We take into account the reanalysis of the low-energy e+e- annihilation cross section into hadrons by the CMD-2 Collaboration. The agreement between e+e- and tau spectral functions in the pi pi channel is found to be much improved. Nevertheless, significant discrepancies remain in the center-of-mass energy range between 0.85 and 1.0 GeV, so that we refrain from averaging the two data sets. The values found for the lowest-order hadronic vacuum polarization contributions are a_mu[had,LO] = (696.3 +- 6.2[exp] +- 3.6[rad])e-10 (e+e- -based) and a_mu[had,LO] = (711.0 +- 5.0[exp] +- 0.8[rad] +- 2.8[SU2])e-10 (tau-based), where the errors have been separated according to their sources: experimental, missing radiative corrections in e+e-...
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