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Several filtering methods for the detection of gravitational wave bursts in interferometric detectors are presented. These are simple and fast methods which can act as online triggers. All methods are compared to matched filtering with the help of a figure of merit based on the detection of supernovae signals simulated by Zwerger and Müller.
Time shifting the output of gravitational wave detectors operating in coincidence is a convenient way of estimating the background in a search for short-duration signals. In this paper, we show how non-stationary data affect the background estimation precision. We present a method of measuring the fluctuations of the data and computing its effects on a coincident search. In particular, we show that for fluctuations of moderate amplitude, time slides larger than the fluctuation time scales can be used. We also recall how the false alarm variance saturates with the number of time shifts.
The detection of burst-type events in the output of ground gravitational wave observatories is particularly challenging due to the expected variety of astrophysical waveforms and the issue of discriminating them from instrumental noise. Robust methods, that achieve reasonable detection performances over a wide range of signals, would be most useful. We present a burst-detection pipeline based on a time–frequency transform, the S transform. This transform offers good time–frequency localization of energy without requiring prior knowledge of the event structure. We set a simple (and robust) event extraction chain. Results are provided for a variety of signals injected in simulated Gaussian statistics data (from the LIGO–Virgo joint working group). Indications are that detection is robust with respect to event type and that efficiency com...
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