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Three new polymeric complexes [Cd(hmt)(SCN)(2)(H2O)(2)](n) (1), [Cd-3(mu(2)-hmt)(2)(SCN)(6)(H2O)(2)](n) (2), and [Cd-2(hmt)(2)(tP)(2)(H2O)(6)](n) (3) [hmt = hexamethylenetetramine, tp = terephthalate] have been synthesized and characterized by single crystal X-ray diffraction. Both the compounds 1 and 2 are 1-D polymers where Cd units are linked by double end-to-end thiocyanate bridges but in 2 the chain is wider containing three cadmium atoms instead of one as found in 1. In both compounds the coordination environment around cadmium atom is distorted octahedral. Compound 3 is a three-dimensional polymer having water-filled microporous channels. Both tp and brut are mu(2)-bridged. One of the acid groups of tp is coordinated in chelating bidentate and the other in monodentate fashion. Half of its Cd atoms are hexa-coordinated and the re...
We study the dynamics of stellar-mass black holes (BH) in star clusters with particular attention to the formation of BH-BH binaries, which are interesting as sources of gravitational waves (GW). In the present study, we examine the properties of these BH-BH binaries through direct N-body simulations of star clusters using the nbody6 code on graphical processing unit platforms. We perform simulations for star clusters with < 105 low-mass stars starting from Plummer models with an initial population of BHs, varying the cluster mass and BH-retention fraction. Additionally, we do several calculations of star clusters confined within a reflective boundary mimicking only the core of a massive star cluster which can be performed much faster than the corresponding full cluster integration. We find that stellar-mass BHs with masses simil...
The calculational precision of $\ee\to\tautau$ and $\ee\to\mumu$ production cross-sections in electron-positron annihilations at \roots = 10.58 \gev are studied for the \kk Monte Carlo simulation program. We determine $\sigma(\ee\to\tautau) = (0.919 \pm 0.003) \nb$ and $\sigma(\ee\to\mumu) = (1.147 \pm 0.005) \nb$, where the error represents the precision of the calculation.
PACS. 47.20.Ma Interfacial instability - 83.10.Ji Fluid dynamics (nonlinear fluids) - 68.10.-m Fluid surfaces and fluid-fluid interfaces,
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