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第一章 現時に於ける炭礦第働問題 第一節 國際問題としての炭礦労働 第二節 わが國に於ける炭礦労働問題 第二章 炭礦労働関係の諸要素 第一節 労働契約関係の特質 第二節 石炭鑛業 一石炭 二石炭硬業及び鑛業権者 第三節 炭礦労働 一鑛夫 二坑内労働状態
This paper examines the ex post flexibility of U.S. labor contracts during the 1970-95 period by investigating whether unanticipated changes in inflation increase the likelihood of a contract being renegotiated prior to its expiration. We find strong empirical support for this hypothesis. Specifically, our results indicate that renegotiations are triggered principally by large and infrequent price shocks of either sign. When combined with evidence that ex ante contract durations are shorter during episodes of increased inflation uncertainty, our results suggest that these contracts are flexible both ex ante and ex post to changes in the evolution of inflation.
In 2008, three new primary labor laws took effect in China that together represent the first major retooling of its labor legislation in fifteen years: the Labor Contract Law, the Labor Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Law, and the Employment Promotion Law. The new laws have attracted widespread attention from the international business community, labor advocates, and observers of China's ongoing legal reforms. However, whether the legislation can overcome and resolve fundamental implementation barriers remains largely the subject of speculation and debate. This Article offers a preliminary answer. Drawing on the literature on corporate compliance and regulatory policy, it first describes the institutions and processes for enforcing Chinese labor law and identifies current implementation challenges. It then introduces the three laws...
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