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In May, 2010, the inter-congress meeting of the INQUA International focus group on tephrochronology and volcanism (INTAV) was held in Kirishima City, southern Kyushu, Japan. INTAV was formed in 2007 at the International Union for Quaternary Research (INQUA) congress held in Cairns. It replaced SCOTAV (Sub-commission on tephrochronology and volcanism), COT (Commission on tephrochronology), and earlier tephrarelated research groups dating back to the 1960s. Previous meetings of the group in the past two decades were held in the Yukon Territory, Canada (2005), France (1998), New Zealand (1994), and USA (1990). The venue for the 2010 meeting was the main hall of the Kokobu Civic Centre in Kirishima City, which was very generously provided free of charge by the Kirishima authorities in return partly for the delivery of two public lectures, ...
Handbooks are produced annually as part of the University’s enrolment process. Each faculty handbook provides authoritative record of the courses, units of study (UoS), resolutions (rules)and important student services.
The dominance of ectomycorrhizae in most coniferous forest ecosystems profoundly alters the classical concept of the role of exudation and rhizodeposition of cell fragments in the formation of the rhizosphere. In the unaltered, non-ectomycorrhizal rhizosphere the soluble exudates and sloughed cells supporting higher populations of bacteria and other soil biota in the rhizosphere result from the root. The loss of root hairs and the presence of a sheath of fungal hyphae around roots in ectomycorrhizae, suggests that the exudates and sloughed cells will be mainly fungal in origin, creating a mycorrhizosphere. Unfortunately, very little quantitative data exist to test this hypothesis.Recent work has shown that much of the rhizodeposition is in fact whole roots and mycorrhizae; soluble exudates and root cap plus mucigel account for only 3-1...
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