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The members of the 1997-98 legislature who collected the most money from campaign contributions were Assemblymember Jeffrey Klein(D-Bronx)($16,275), Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan)($10,425), Assemblymember Michael Bragman (D-Onondaga)($8,420), Senator Ronald Stafford (R-Plattsburgh)($7,500), and Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno (R-Brunswick)($7,300). The tobacco industry spent $5.9 million on lobbying expenditures between 1992 and 1998. Of the $998,884 contributed to party committees between 1983 and 1998 (not including 1988-89), $815,840 (81.7%) was donated after 1994, when contributors realized that contributions to party committees were unlimited. As in other states, the tobacco industry donates more to Republicans than Democrats; Republican party committees received $752,709 (75%) of the money bet...
In the Matter of the Factfinding between New York Mills Union Free School District and New York Mills Teachers' Association. Case no. M2008-056.
Drawing on interview data from charter school policy actors in New York State, this study applied Kingdon’s (1984, 1995/2002) multiple streams model to explain how the system of multiple statewide charter authorizers was created as part of the New York State Charter Schools Act of 1998. A combination of factors influenced the emergence of the law and resulted in an authorizing system that included an effective set of policy entrepreneurs, a strong executive, and a key political opportunity. Ultimately Governor Pataki promoted charter school policy to high agenda prominence by deciding to use the issue as his desired policy in exchange for a legislative pay raise (agenda setting). The findings of the study suggest that the applicability of Kingdon’s national-level model to the state level is valid and features a strong participation o...
Printed for Wyoming Historical and Geological Society.
This study examines the specific historical and geographic context in which the Antimasonry movement began in western New York, the characteristics of Antimasonic supporters, their ideological formulation of American republicanism, and the course of the political party based on such interests and ideas.
In the Matter of Fact-Finding Between Greece Central School District and Greece Teachers Association. PERB Case No. M2007-072. Before: Dennis J. Campagna, Esq. – Fact Finder.
This is a report on the findings of the Cornell University ILR planning process conducted with support of a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to investigate trends in the arts and entertainment industry in New York State and assess industry stakeholders’ needs and demand for industry studies and applied research. Building on a track record of research and technical assistance to arts and entertainment organizations, Cornell ILR moved toward a long-term goal of establishing an arts and entertainment research center by forging alliances with faculty from other schools and departments in the university and by establishing an advisory committee of key players in the industry. The outcome of this planning process is a research agenda designed to serve the priority needs and interests of the arts and entertainment industry in New Yor...
In the Matter of Fact-Finding Between AMALGAMATED TRANSIT UNION, LOCAL NO. 282 And REGIONAL TRANSIT SERVICE, INC. PERB Case No. M2008-063. Before: Dennis J. Campagna, Esq. – Fact Finder.
In the matter of the fact-finding between the Village of Sleepy Hollow, employer, and the United Federation of Police Officers, Municipal Employee Unit, union. PERB case no. M2009-266. Before: Peter A. Korn, fact finder.
In the Matter of Fact Finding Between TOWN of BEEKMAN and TEAMSTERS LOCAL 456. Case No. M2009-044. Tia Schneider Denenberg, Fact Finder.
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