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On December 13, 2001, the 107th Congress authorized a round of base realignment and closure (BRAC) for 2005. This policy decision was preceded by years of political dispute and dialogue between Congress and the executive branch. Much of this debate centered on the Clinton Administration's privatization-in-place of two bases scheduled for closure by the 1995 BRAC Commission and the dispute over estimated BRAC costs and savings. After painstaking compromise and a national security crisis, reformed BRAC legislation was passed, balancing political leadership and national strategy with job loss and disruption to local communities. A comprehensive analysis of journal articles, books, relevant congressional records, government reports, and legislation identifies the variables that explain Congress's decision to amend the Defense Base Closure ...
Executive Correspondence – Letter dtd 07/29/2005 to Chairman Principi from Senator Elizabeth Dole (NC) expressing a number of key points about he critical value North Carolina offer to our national security.
Executive Correspondence - Letter from Chairman Emeritus Motorola Corporation, Robert W. Galvin regarding the consolidation of a variety of naval facilities along the waterway near the Naval Research Laboratory - recommending that the NRL facilities not be consolidated into a general administrative entity
Community Correspondence - Letter from an individual who is concerned about the recommendations regarding Ft. Belvior, and St. Louis
Executive Correspondence - Letter from (Washington) Kitsap County Officials to Commission (24May05) concerning the Full County Board Task Force Study.
Executive Correspondence to Commissioner Samuel Skinner from Senator Elizabeth Dole (North Carolina) regarding North Carolina's military facilities.
Executive Correspondence to Commissioner Lloyd Newton from Senator Elizabeth Dole (North Carolina) regarding North Carolina's military facilities.
Executive Correspondence – Letter from LT Gov Perdue to Chairman Principi regarding bases in North Carolina.
Executive Correspondence to Chairman Anthony Principi from Solomon Ortiz (Member of Congress, Texas) regarding South Texas's military bases.
Contains testimony, state, and BRAC Input from 11 August 2005 informational hearing
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