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Comment: in English and in Russian, 2 figures
Comment: 13 pages; edited notes from plenary talk at Journees Arithmetiques 2007; v2: refereed version
Comment: 11th International Fibonacci conference proceedings
Fix K a p-adic field and denote by G_K its absolute Galois group. Let K_infty be the extension of K obtained by adding (p^n)-th roots of a fixed uniformizer, and G_\infty its absolute Galois group. In this article, we define a class of p-adic torsion representations of G_\infty, named quasi-semi-stable. We prove that these representations are "explicitly" described by a certain category of linear algebra objects. The results of this note should be consider as a first step in the understanding of the structure of quotients of two lattices in a crystalline (resp. semi-stable) Galois representation.
Comment: 28 pages. v2: added references
Comment: 11 pages; corrected typos
In this paper we give a bound for the Iwasawa lambda invariant of an abelian number field attached to the cyclotomic Z_p-extension of that field. We also give some properties of Iwaswa power series attached to p-adic L-functions.
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