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Comment: 8 pages
In a previous paper [3] we computed cohomology groups H^5 (Gamma_0 (N), \C), where Gamma_0 (N) is a certain congruence subgroup of SL (4, \Z), for a range of levels N. In this note we update this earlier work by extending the range of levels and describe cuspidal cohomology classes and additional boundary phenomena found since the publication of [3]. The cuspidal cohomology classes in this paper are the first cuspforms for GL(4) concretely constructed in terms of Betti cohomology.
We study low order terms of Emerton's spectral sequence for simply connected, simple groups. As a result, for real rank 1 groups, we show that Emerton's method for constructing eigenvarieties is successful in cohomological dimension 1. For real rank 2 groups, we show that a slight modification of Emerton's method allows one to construct eigenvarieties in cohomological dimension 2.
Comment: 6 pages; Version 2 has some light changes
We study some Diophantine problems related to triangles with two given integral sides. We solve two problems posed by Zolt\'an Bertalan and we also provide some generalization.
In this paper we continue the investigations about unlike powers in arithmetic progression. We provide sharp upper bounds for the length of primitive non-constant arithmetic progressions consisting of squares/cubes and $n$-th powers.
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