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Radial convolution operators on free groups with nonnegative kernel of weak type $(2,2)$ and of restricted weak type $(2,2)$ are characterized. Estimates of weak type $(p,p)$ are obtained as well for $1
We prove a Kahane-Khinchin type result with a few random vectors, which are distributed independently with respect to an arbitrary log-concave probability measure on $\R^n$. This is an application of small ball estimate and Chernoff's method, that has been recently used in the context of Asymptotic Geometric Analysis in [1], [2].
Comment: 18 pages
Structure of the quotient modules in $\hh$ is very complicated. A good understanding of some special examples will shed light on the general picture. This paper studies the so-call $N_{\p}$-type quotient modules, namely, quotient modules of the form $\hh\ominus [z-\p]$, where $\p (w)$ is a function in the classical Hardy space $H^2(\G)$ and $[z-\p]$ is the submodule generated by $z-\p (w)$. This type of quotient modules serve as good examples in many studies. A notable feature of the $N_{\p}$-type quotient module is its close connections with some classical single variable operator theories.
We show that the symmetric injective tensor product space $\hat{\otimes}_{n,s,\epsilon}E$ is not complex strictly convex if E is a complex Banach space of $\dim E \ge 2$ and if $n\ge 2$ holds. It is also reproved that $\ell_\infty$ is finitely represented in $\hat{\otimes}_{n,s,\epsilon}E$ if E is infinite dimensional and if $n\ge 2$ holds, which was proved in the other way by Dineen.
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