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Comment: to appear in Proceedings of the fifth ICCM
Our main result in this paper is the following: Given $H^m, H^n$ hyperbolic spaces of dimensional $m$ and $n$ corresponding, and given a Holder function $f=(s^1,...,f^{n-1}):\partial H^m\to \partial H^n$ between geometric boundaries of $H^m$ and $H^n$. Then for each $\epsilon >0$ there exists a harmonic map $u:H^m\to H^n$ which is continuous up to the boundary (in the sense of Euclidean) and $u|_{\partial H^m}=(f^1,...,f^{n-1},\epsilon)$.
We extend our previous classification of superpotentials of ``scalar curvature type" for the cohomogeneity one Ricci-flat equations. We now consider the case not covered in our previous paper, i.e., when some weight vector of the superpotential lies outside (a scaled translate of) the convex hull of the weight vectors associated with the scalar curvature function of the principal orbit. In this situation we show that either the isotropy representation has at most 3 irreducible summands or the first order subsystem associated to the superpotential is of the same form as the Calabi-Yau condition for submersion type metrics on complex line bundles over a Fano K\"ahler-Einstein product.
Comment: 4 pages, To appear in Proceedings of AMS
Comment: Some false statements corrected. Details of estimate and a discussion on Uniformization added. 14 pages
Comment: Abstract and introduction have been made some modifications, also some details are added
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