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We deal with the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations, in two and three dimensions, when some vortex patches are prescribed as initial data i.e. when there is an internal boundary across which the vorticity is discontinuous. We show -thanks to an asymptotic expansion- that there is a sharp but smooth variation of the fluid vorticity into a internal layer moving with the flow of the Euler equations; as long as this later exists and as t * nu is small, where nu is the viscosity coefficient.
This paper develops the basic analytical theory related to some recently introduced crowd dynamics models. Where well posedness was known only locally in time, it is here extended to all of $\reali^+$. The results on the stability with respect to the equations are improved. Moreover, here the case of several populations is considered, obtaining the well posedness of systems of multi-D non-local conservation laws. The basic analytical tools are provided by the classical Kruzkov theory of scalar conservation laws in several space dimensions.
We study the discrete-time approximation for solutions of forward-backward stochas- tic dierential equations (FBSDEs) with a jump. In this part, we study the case of Lipschitz generators, and we refer to the second part of this work [15] for the quadratic case. Our method is based on a result given in the companion paper [14] which allows to link a FBSDE with a jump with a recursive system of Brownian FBSDEs. Then we use the classical results on discretization of Brownian FBSDEs to approximate the recursive system of FBSDEs and we recombine these approximations to get a dis- cretization of the FBSDE with a jump. This approach allows to get a convergence rate similar to that of schemes for Brownian FBSDEs.
This paper is concerned with a priori $C^\infty$ regularity for three-dimensional doubly periodic travelling gravity waves whose fundamental domain is a symmetric diamond. The existence of such waves was a long standing open problem solved recently by Iooss and Plotnikov. The main difficulty is that, unlike conventional free boundary problems, the reduced boundary system is not elliptic for three-dimensional pure gravity waves, which leads to small divisors problems. Our main result asserts that sufficiently smooth diamond waves which satisfy a diophantine condition are automatically $C^\infty$. In particular, we prove that the solutions defined by Iooss and Plotnikov are $C^\infty$. Two notable technical aspects are that (i) no smallness condition is required and (ii) we obtain an exact paralinearization formula for the Dirichlet to...
In this paper, we describe a new, systematic and explicit way of approximating solutions of mixed hyperbolic systems with constant coefficients satisfying a Uniform Lopatinski Condition via different Penalization approaches.
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