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Comment: 39 pages, review article for the conference "Noncommutative harmonic analysis" in Bedlewo, Poland, 2006. v1-->v2, corrections in Section 5 and changes in notation
The goal of this paper is to provide estimates leading to a direct proof of the exponential decay of the n-point correlation functions for certain unbounded models of Kac type. The methods are based on estimating higher order derivatives of the solution of the Witten Laplacian equation on one forms associated with the hamiltonian of the system. We also provide a formula for the Taylor coefficients of the pressure that is suitable for a direct proof the analyticity.
Comment: 18 pages 5 figures
Comment: 53 pages, 1 figure. Editorial changes on page 22 ff
We construct a three-parameter deformation of the Hopf algebra $\LDIAG$. This is the algebra that appears in an expansion in terms of Feynman-like diagrams of the {\em product formula} in a simplified version of Quantum Field Theory. This new algebra is a true Hopf deformation which reduces to $\LDIAG$ for some parameter values and to the algebra of Matrix Quasi-Symmetric Functions ($\MQS$) for others, and thus relates $\LDIAG$ to other Hopf algebras of contemporary physics. Moreover, there is an onto linear mapping preserving products from our algebra to the algebra of Euler-Zagier sums.
We prove a Wegner estimate for a large class of multiparticle Anderson Hamiltonians on the lattice. These estimates will allow us to prove Anderson localization for such systems. A detailed proof of localization will be given in a subsequent paper.
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