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No bootstrap assumption is needed to derive the exponential growth of the Hagedorn hadron mass spectrum: It is a consequence of the second law applied to a relativistic gas, and the relativistic equivalence between inertial mass and its heat content. The Hagedorn temperature occurs in the limit as the number of particles and their internal energy diverge such that their ratio remains constant. The divergences in the $N$ particle entropy, energy, and free energy result when this condition is imposed upon a mixture of ideal gases, one conserving particle number and the other not. The analogy with a droplet in the presence of vapor explains why the pressure of the droplet continues to increase as the temperature rises finally leading to its break up when the Hagedorn temperature is reached. The adiabatic condition relating the particle ...
Comment: 13 pages, three multi-component eps figures, LaTeX (V2: refs added, figs improved. V3: refs added, discussion of meson spectrum improved)
We present a superfield Lax formalism of superspace sigma model based on the target space ${\cal G}/{\cal H}$ and show that a one-parameter family of flat superfield connections exists if the target space ${\cal G}/{\cal H}$ is a symmetric space. The formalism has been related to the existences of an infinite family of local and non-local superfield conserved quantities. Few examples have been given to illustrate the results.
We give a noncommutative extension of sinh-Gordon equation. We generalize a linear system and Lax representation of the sinh-Gordon equation in noncommutative space. This generalization gives a noncommutative version of the sinh-Gordon equation with extra constraints, which can be expressed as global conserved currents.
Comment: 10 pages, LaTeX; v2: minor corrections, a note on the zero-form flux added
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