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Comment: An error in Fig. 10 in the published version in PRD has been corrected in this version; an erratum has been submitted to PRD. After correction, this figure reflects a significant difference in the ways RF and DC readout schemes are susceptible to laser noise. In addition, the levels of mirror loss imbalances and input laser amplitude noise have also been updated to be more realistic for Advanced LIGO
Comment: 27 pages, lectures given at the 42nd Karpacz Winter School of Theoretical Physics, Ladek, Poland, February 6-11, 2006
Comment: Proceedings of GWDAW-11. Corrected Challenge 2 definition (esp. Table 1), definition of polarization tensors in simulators, definition of polarization angle in EMRIs
Comment: 9 pages (including 1 table); accepted for publication in GRG
Comment: 1 figure. Extended analysis to treat general thick branes RSII-type. Added references
Comment: 5 pages, proceedings of the First Stueckelberg Workshop, to appear on "Il Nuovo Cimento B"
The Pioneer 10/11 missions, launched in 1972 and 1973, and their navigation are reviewed. Beginning in about 1980 an unmodeled force of ~ 8 x 10^{-8} cm/s^2 appeared in the tracking data, it later being verified. The cause remains unknown, although radiant heat remains a likely origin. A set of efforts to find the solution are underway: a) analyzing in detail all available data, b) using data from the New Horizons mission, and c) considering an ESA dedicated mission.
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