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Comment: 17 pages, 2 figures. Final version, accepted for publication in IJMPD. The paper has been re-organized, and significantly re-written, although the conclusions remain essentially the same
Comment: 11 pages, 5 figs. Final version to appear in PRD
Motivated by our attempt to understand the question of angular momentum of a relativistic rotating source carried away by gravitational waves, in the asymptotic regime near future null infinity of the Kerr metric, a family of null hypersurfaces intersecting null infinity in shearfree (good) cuts are constructed by means of asymptotic expansion of the eikonal equation. The geometry of the null hypersurfaces as well asthe asymptotic structure of the Kerr metric near null infinity are studied. To the lowest order in angular momentum, the Bondi-Sachs form of the Kerr metric is worked out. The Newman-Unti formalism is then further developed, with which the Newman-Penrose constants of the Kerr metric are computed and shown to be zero. Possible physical implications of the vanishing of the Newman-Penrose constants of the Kerr metric are als...
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