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Comment: 13 pages plain Tex, techincal errors corrected (e.g., continuous replaced by smooth in Property A)
Comment: 18 pages Plain Tex (No Figures), Classical and Quantum Gravity
The thermal properties of black holes in the presence of quantum fields can be revealed through solutions of the semi-classical Einstein equation. We present a brief but self-contained review of the main features of the semi-classical back reaction problem for a black hole in the microcanonical ensemble. The solutions, obtained for conformal scalars, massless spinors and U(1) gauge bosons, are used to calculate the $O(\hbar)$ corrections to the temperature and thermodynamical entropy of a Schwarzschild black hole. In each spin case considered, the entropy corrections $\Delta S(r)$, are positive definite and monotone increasing with increasing distance $r$ from the hole, and are of the same order as the naive flat space radiation entropy.
Comment: Revised to improve clarity and physical content 27 pages, LaTeX file, 3 figures are available at ftp://boojum.hut.fi/pub/publications/lowtemp/LTL-95006.ps
Comment: Accepted for publication in PHISICS LETTERS A
Comment: 2+10 Latex pages, corrected and updated version of Nuovo Cimento B 108, 1333 (1993), no figures, accompanying file is gr-qc/9408039
Comment: 12 pages, Latex
Comment: 16 pages, 35 Postscript figures, uses epsfig.sty
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