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Various objections against Alcubierre's warp drive geometry are reviewed. Superluminal warp bubbles seem an unlikey possibility within the framework of general relativity and quantum field theory, although subluminal bubbles may still be possible.
Comment: 5 pages, RevTeX, 7 figures with epsf, miscellaneous clarifications in v2, minor updates to correspond to version to appear in PRD
Comment: 11 pages, LaTeX, To appear in Class. Quantum Grav
Comment: 22 pages, AmSTeX, 2 postscript figures
Comment: 22 pages, latex, no figures. Revised version with an effort in the development of the underlying classical theory and the clarification of the classical limit. To appear in Class. Quant. Grav
Comment: To be published in ``Physics Meets Philosophy at the Planck Length'', C. Callender and N. Huggett (eds.), Cambridge University Press (1999). 22 pages, no figures, LaTeX, uses harvard.sty; 3 references added, typos corrected and minor changes to content
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