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Comment: 11 pages; v.2: Some clarifying remarks added, to appear in PRD
The covering of the affine symmetry group, a semidirect product of translations and special linear transformations, in $D \geq 3$ dimensional spacetime is considered. Infinite dimensional spinorial representations on states and fields are presented. A Dirac-like affine equation, with infinite matrices generalizing the $\gamma$ matrices, is constructed.
Comment: 20 pages, phyzzx, v2 contains expanded introduction, additional references etc to coincide with published version
Comment: 13 pages; submitted to J. Lorentz Geometry
In the present work we found the geodesic structure of an AdS black hole. By means of a detailed analyze of the corresponding effective potentials for particles and photon, we found all the possible motions which are allowed by the energy levels. Radial and non radial trajectories were exactly evaluated for both geodesics. The founded orbits were plotted in order to have a direct visualization of the allowed motions. We show that the geodesic structure of this black hole presents new type of motions not allowed by the Schwarzschild spacetime.
Comment: Latex, 12 pages
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