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In this paper we present the results of model calculations on the rotational motion of linear molecules in dense systems. To this end we have developed a matrix description for the rotational diffusion, which is extended in this article to the J-diffusion limit. Closed expressions are obtained for the orientational, angular momentum, and rotational energy autocorrelation functions. The precise time dependence of these correlation functions is determined by the time distribution of collisions and the magnitude of energy and momentum transfer during a collision. A systematic analysis of the role of these two effects on the rotational relaxation is presented
1. The pentabromoacetone method for the determination of citric acid was studied; a modification of the procedure of Natelson, Lugovoy and Pincus was used. 2. Two tissue preparations were obtained. The first by washing with water, the second by washing with water and then with 0.5% sodium bicarbonate solution. In both suspensions citric acid is formed after adding boiled muscle extract, while added citrate is not utilized. 3. The formation of citric is increased when sodium bicarbonate is added to the suspension washed with water only. With the suspension washed with water and with sodium bicarbonate solution this effect is not observed; this seems to be due to the fact that in this suspension the elimination of the “citrogenase” pathway is achieved.
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