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A method is suggested for the sampling of sulfur dioxide in air with impregnated filter paper instead of bubblers. The best aqueous impregnating solution contained potassium hydroxide with glycerol or triethanolamine. The possibilities and limitations of the method are discussed. High collection efficiencies (over 95%) were obtained at relative humidities above 25%. Collected sulfur dioxide was stable for at least several weeks when the filters were kept dry after the sampling. The method is especially suited for short-time measurements and for automatic sampling with smoke samplers.
Twelve patients with primary non-Hodgkin's lymphomas of the CNS are described. Out of 5 CSF cytologies performed, 4 were positive. Radiotherapy was given to the tumour area in 3 patients, or to the whole brain in 5 patients. Four cases received radiotherapy to the spinal cord as well. Patients receiving whole CNS irradiation, including the spinal cord, seem to have a longer survival than patients with brain irradiation only. Out of the 5 patients with total brain irradiation, 2 showed a relapse in the spinal cord. It is suggested that therapy should be given not only to the tumour bearing areas, but should comprise the entire CNS.
Maternal and fetal side effects of tocolytic drugs in case of (pre)term labour are studied.
Evaluatie van beeldvormend onderzoek – wanneer doen we welke beeldvormende techniek? – is nieuw. Dit heeft te maken met de bloei van het patiëntgebonden onderzoek, de sterke uitbreiding van de mogelijkheden van de beeldvorming en het besef dat meer zien niet per definitie altijd beter is. Diagnostiek moet nieuwe kennis leveren voor het beleid bij een individuele patiënt. Als het gaat om therapie zijn velen ervan overtuigd dat deze toch enigszins evidence-based zou moeten zijn. Bij het aanvragen van diagnostiek maken de meeste artsen zich hier niet druk om. In dit artikel leest u dat de magie van de beeldvorming kennelijk zo sterk is dat zij grotendeels ontsnapt is aan het evidence-based denken. Achtereenvolgens ga ik in op de kwaliteit van het huidige wetenschappelijke onderzoek op het terrein van de beeldvorming, de ideale wetenschapp...
De rol van de beeldvormende technieken voor het ondersteunen van de behandeling, in casu de chirurgie. Het zien van de pathologie zal dus vooraf moeten gaan aan het geloof dat de patiënt met een gunstige prognose geopereerd kan worden. Maar dan moeten we die pathologie wel in zijn volle omvang kunnen zien.
It remains uncertain whether full T cell reconstitution can be established in HIV-infected children and adults with long-term sustained virological control by highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART). In this study, we comprehensively analyzed various phenotypical markers of CD4 T cell recovery. In addition to measuring T cell activation and proliferation markers, CD4 T cell generation and aging of the CD4 T cell compartment were assessed by measuring TCR excision circles and the fraction of CD31-expressing naive CD4 T cells. In all children and in adults with relatively high CD4 T cell counts at start of therapy (>200 cells/ l), total CD4 T cell numbers normalized within 1 year of therapy. After long-term HAART (4.4 –9.6 years), naive CD4 T cell counts had normalized in both groups. Although in adults with low baseline CD4 T cell ...
Mevalonate kinase deficiency (MKD) is an autoinflammatory disorder characterized by recurring fever episodes and results from disturbed isoprenoid biosynthesis. Lipopolysaccharide-stimulated peripheral blood mononuclear cells from MKD patients secrete high levels of interleukin-1β (IL-1β) because of the presence of hyperactive caspase-1, and this has been proposed to be the primary cause of recurring inflammation. Here we show that inhibition of HMG-CoA reductase by simvastatin treatment, mimicking MKD, results in increased IL-1β secretion in a Rac1/PI3K-dependent manner. Simvastatin treatment was found to activate protein kinase B (PKB)/c-akt, a primary effector of PI3K, and ectopic expression of constitutively active PKB was sufficient to induce IL-1β release. The small GTPase Rac1 was activated by simvastatin, and this was required ...
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