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The public school superintendent is the least progressive position in education at integrating women and balancing the scales of equitable representation. Statistical data indicates there are far fewer females than males serving as superintendents. Current statistics show women make up: 1) over 70 percent of all public school educators; 2) nearly half of all principals; and 3) almost 60 percent of all central office administrators. Yet today, female superintendents in our nation total only 20 percent. Despite the perceived oppression of the marginalized, gender study research on women in the superintendent/ Chief Financial Officer (CFO) position is limited and built on a narrowly focused foundation. Most of the work on this topic has been done to study the barriers women encounter when attempting to become a public school administ...
Is there a specifically Islamic vision of the body? Given the nuanced nature of cultural understandings of the body and Islam's own variable expressions, this question is probably unanswerable, and indeed poorly phrased. Phrased another way, however, the question of the relationship between Islam and the body becomes more interesting: how do bodily practices in different Muslim societies articulate with different versions of lived Islam? My research among Arabs in remote northwestern Niger on the aesthetic of corpulent female bodies, and the practice of forcefeeding young girls to achieve it, speaks to this issue.
Bijdragen Museum van de Vlaamse Sociale Strijd XVIII
This study builds upon past research involving turnover among military women to develop a statistical model for active duty Female Naval Aviator (FNA) retention. A data set from Defense Manpower Data Center, which included FNAs from year groups 1989 to 1998 was analyzed to determine the impact of organizational, career, and personal factors on retention. Review of pertinent literature revealed that personal, organizational and job factors unique to a FNA might have some impact on the retention decision. A logistical regression analysis determined that both number of dependents and age were statistically significant in predicting whether a FNA would stay in or leave active duty operational naval aviation (ADONA). The findings of this study could indicate that FNAs who desire to have children leave ADONA status earlier. Successful implem...
7 p. Reprinted from: Northwest Medicine, Vol. 24, No. 5, May 1925.
The Dutch ‘Female Board Index 2008’ provides for the second year an overview of female representation on the Board of Directors and Supervisory Boards of 113 Dutch NV companies1 listed on Euronext Amsterdam. The companies were classified according to the percentage of women present on their combined Board of Directors and Supervisory Boards. The Dutch ‘Female Board Index’ also analyses the differences between male and female executive directors and supervisors ('non-executive directors') and between companies with or without female representation on their Board of Directors and/or Supervisory Boards (together the ‘Board’).
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